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I Experienced The O-Face!

Yes, that’s right, I said it. I recently made an O-Face. At least, I think I made one, because I sure let out an audible “ohh”. In a [..]

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Suddenlink = Suddenstink

Suddenlink blows.  It’s that simple. Three months before we moved to our new house in 2008, I contacted Suddenlink to let them know that we no longer needed [..]

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DirecTV and Me

I am a fan of DirecTV. When a service that I’m paying for actually stands against pressure from one of their suppliers that would ultimately result in an [..]

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Madam Chuso Obveus

This is Madam Chuso Obveus. She can bake brownies, do all of the laundry, shuttle your children and more. Best of all, she does that while working a [..]


Life with Bailey

“Where are we going?” I know that is what she is thinking. Or is it “Did you see that bird?” Either way, it doesn’t matter much. As my [..]

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Welcome To My World

Welcome to, the creation of my evil genius. Ok, maybe not genius, but certainly evil. Over the course of time, I will do my best to share [..]