Microsoft Xbox 360 Points Fiasco

Microsoft Sucks

Ok, let’s just say Microsoft is shit. Their systems are full of bloat, and they don’t appear to know how anything they have actually works.

I just spent an hour in chat with one of their Xbox support specialists, if you can call them that. I simply want to purchase Microsoft points so I can purchase something on my Xbox 360. One would think they actually want you to do this. Nope.

There are quite a few posts and complaints appearing across the interwebs that mirror my issues, so I am not alone here. To put it simply, they will not accept any of the payment methods I provide as valid tender for a purchase.

They claim they accept PayPal. Nope. They may accept your login information, but don’t expect it to actually be used to help you purchase. If it actually works for you, consider yourself blessed and go on your merry way. If it does not, you will be given this fantastic bit of advice from the chat technicians.

Go buy pre-paid cards and use those to add points to your account.

You know what that sounds like to me? “We don’t want to pay the percentage on the credit card charges”, so “we won’t take your credit card information and use it.”

I tried Capitol One, my local bank, PayPal and more. Nothing works. Before you say to yourself, “Gee, maybe Lee doesn’t have the funds to cover the purchase”, I can assure you I checked that before trying any of this. If not, I would consider myself an idiot for attempting to purchase THEN following up with this babble.

It’s amazing to me that, in an age where customer service is what sets you apart, Microsoft has issues handling credit card payments.

Hell, Cone-N-Shake takes debit/credit cards now! Give me a break. It’s no wonder that Apple is gaining the market share they are.


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