Madam Chuso Obveus


This is Madam Chuso Obveus. She can bake brownies, do all of the laundry, shuttle your children and more. Best of all, she does that while working a full time job, volunteering for every civic organization and being asked to be on 5 boards at once.

How is it that someone so learned can watch you open the refrigerator and ask “Are you really hungry?” Just when you try to get your head wrapped around that query, you try to escape to the man cave only to hear “Where are you going?” Bite your tongue, you think to yourself. Logic would seem to indicate that standing with your hand on the door knob to the basement means you intend to descend to welcome anonymity.

Somehow you don’t remember the inquisitions of days gone by. Nuggets such as “Is that what you are going to wear?”, or “I heard the new Julia Roberts movie is out, do you really want to see the Bond movie?”

Isn’t it strange that your answer should always be yes, but you inevitably must answer no?

This super hero truly possesses amazing powers.

When you really think about it, things start to come into focus. If you are always saying “No”, then why can’t she when you ask her something.

Madam Obveus always gets her way and the villain is left stammering, wondering what just happened.


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