I Experienced The O-Face!

The O FaceYes, that’s right, I said it. I recently made an O-Face. At least, I think I made one, because I sure let out an audible “ohh”.

In a previous post, I referred to the ineptitude of the corporate giant Suddenlink, as they failed to accept the reality that they had made a mistake.

I exhausted the efforts to speak with anyone intelligible at our local (90 miles away) office. The bottom line was that their customer service representative had agreed to send someone out to pick up digital converter boxes from my porch in 2008, and in 2011-2012, they were telling me that was not their policy.

They were flat out lying to me, and denying that there were any records that indicated they would have agreed to that request.

On a whim, I started to dig across the interwebs to find the home base of Suddenlink, and landed on a telephone number for an office in St. Louis. Thinking that I might be wasting my time, I called the number and asked to speak to the person in charge of customer relations. To my surprise, the response was “Certainly, one moment please.”

Wait for it… Don’t make the O-Face yet!

I was transferred to a lady named Diane Henry, and went straight to her voice mail. My surprise turned to discouragement, because I figured I would be chasing my tail again before long. But, low and behold, I got a return phone call from Ms. Henry, and she patiently listened to my side of the story.

Ms. Henry told me she would look further into the issue and would get back in touch with me with a resolution. For me, that put the ball in her court, and I expected it to be several days before I heard from her again.

She called me in two days, apologizing for taking so long to get back to me and proceeded to let me know she had forwarded the information to the vice presidents in the eastern parts of the United States. I made it clear to her how grateful I was that someone was actually taking the time to research the issue, and that I would accept whatever resolve she was able to obtain for me.

Two days later, I got a final call from Ms. Henry.

It was during this call that I displayed my O-Face not once, but several times.

First, when I was told that there were clear records in my account that indicated that I had requested a pickup of the boxes at my house in 2008.

Second, when she informed me that they would be removing the digital converts from my account and I would never be charged for them again.

Finally, when she apologized for this ever happening, and for the lack of effort from the local offices in resolving my issue.

For whatever else may be wrong with Suddenlink, they should be damned proud of Diane Henry in St. Louis.

She gave me an O-Face!

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  1. Perry Smith

    Congratulations! Now you have more money to spend in vegas. :)